Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Getting Started

I have so much to share!  Life has taken me down many roads.  I reside at Garden of Eden Farm.  Some of the things that I will be sharing here are things that I have learned along the way.  And others will be things that I am learning about now.  Life is a journey, let me share some of mine with you. 

It is my intention to make my readers think about things that they may not have thought about before.  Or, maybe rethink things... Or even change your way of thinking.  That is all for you to decide.

I will be sharing recipes from my kitchen.  Some are old recipes that my family has loved for years.  Some will be old favorites that I have revamped to be healthier.  Some will be new recipes that I have found on Pintrest.  I will also share some of my gardening experiments, a little animal husbandry, some sewing projects, activities with the grand kids, camping adventures, and whatever comes along.

Garden of Eden Farm has 81 acres.  We will be burning fields and putting up some fence this spring.  Spring is taking its' time here in the upper peninsula of Michigan this year. I say, "Let the festivities begin".