Friday, May 10, 2013

Preschool Mother's Day Project

Little Garden Starters

This is looking like a pictorial and I haven't uploaded all the pictures.  My grandson was so excited when I told him that we were going to make something for mommy.  Not only am I the Mimi, I am also the daycare provider.  I try to keep him busy with stimulating projects.  

He is so smart and has such an extraordinary vocabulary.  I try to keep him busy with stimulating projects.  (That could be another blog topic.)  I don't want him to miss out on any of the types of projects that he would be doing in a nursery school.  This time of year they always have such cute projects that involve growing things.

We started by gathering up all of our supplies.  I cut colored paper into strips, got out the markers, some stickers and glue sticks.  He was so happy to accommodate all of my requests... color this... pick stickers... peel stickers... put glue on this... Although he had gotten plenty of glue on the strips of colored paper, he needed help from me to get them all aligned.  Working on this project I discovered that he really loves to using the glue sticks, so I have since come up with a few other projects that allow him to use them.

The little window containers are nothing fancy or spectacular, but to him they are grand!  He checks on them every morning, See, Mimi, more flowers!  I suppose with a little creativity and some cute materials like; buttons and bows, some hot glue, and a few other crafting items they could really be gorgeous.  

At this point they needed to sit and dry for awhile.  I think we had lunch, a story, and a nap.  He awoke just before daddy (my son) got home from work.  He knew we had to wait until daddy got here to put the dirt in.  They were dry and ready to go.

We went to the garage to fill them with potting soil.  You can imagine how exciting that was for a two year old.  Potting soil and a toy shovel...  Oh, Boy!!  It was great!  Then we got to put the seeds into our crafty little containers.  Of course he thought that we needed the whole packet of seeds. 

Next....  Just wait for them to grow...  And they are definitely growing!  There is enough little kale sprouts in that little cup to plant a whole row in his little garden.  I tried to pick things that would germinate fast.  I thought that the beans would be the first thing to sprout, no luck though.  The kale came up real fast, maybe three days.  The Swiss chard took a little longer, but they are up for Mother's Day.