Friday, May 3, 2013

My Portable Office

Gets a make-over...

The Old Office/
Lunch Box
The old ReBag had gotten to be a bit tattered....  Although it looks pretty good in this picture... LOL (Trust me, it will be of better use carrying groceries.) Needless to say I was really pleased when my daughter-in-law gave me a new reusable bag.  I have been using reusable bags for quite awhile now, several years for sure.  My children have on occasion joked about the "Bag Lady".  That is quite alright with me.  I am really proud to say that my children, as different as they all may be, each in their own way have learned an environmentally friendly habit from me.  I have five children, so the impact goes on.   You can learn some innovative ways to recycle and repurpose at Recyclebank,  it is website designed to inform, you can earn rewards and discounts on green products too.

Contents of Office

I carry quite a bit of stuff with me every day.  Breakfast, lunch, snacks, a project or two, or ingredients for a baking project.  I am the daycare provider for my youngest grandson.  I like to bring new and intriguing  things for him to do or experience.  Sensory projects, new books to read, crayons, markers and paper, and the list goes on.  He is a very smart little boy, he just turned two a month ago.  His vocabulary is extraordinary and so is his memory.   As you can see I need a large bag for all of my projects on the go.  

Gathering Materials
I started my project by gathering up all of the materials that I might need.  The glue gun, because I wanted to make this a simple no-sew project.  A dress I haven't worn in about seven years.  I don't think I will be wearing my dresses that short any time soon.  Besides I don't think that one of my boobs would fit in it now let alone two.  I have a whole box of print dresses that I saved for sewing projects and quilting squares. 

At first I thought that one box would be all that I needed.  My main concern was keeping all of my paperwork separate, neat and easily accessible.  However, once I got into the project I soon decided to add another.  This time when I went to my little box collection I was in need of one that was just the right size.  Bingo, one of my husbands' pop tart boxes was a perfect fit. 

For some reason I haven't been able to get rid of this old lace tablecloth, now it has come in handy.  I think that the only part of it that is usable is a few feet of the edge.  Of course, I did not need it all for this project so it went back into the lace box.

I didn't include step-by-step directions as it is such a simple project.  First, I covered the boxes with the fabric as if I were wrapping a package, using hot glue instead of tape.  On the open end of the box I just folded it in and tacked it down with the hot glue.  I still had a nice swatch of material left so I made a pocket for the front.  It covered the printed advertising quite well.  I love how all the colors seem to match and touch of lacey fun too.  The finished project even holds my laptop and cords.  :)

The New Portable Office