Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My Pinterest Inspired Projects

I Really Do Love Pinterest...

I have found some amazing projects while searching Pinterest.  Oh, no, did I lose you already.  If everything went well when you clicked on that link you went right to my Pinterest Boards (in a separate window of course).  While you are there follow all the boards that interest you, or you can simply "Follow All". 
I am having a super time with my Pinterest account. When you start pinning, don't make the mistake that I did.  I don't even remember at this point how many boards are pre-loaded for you to pin to, however, you will want more or you will never find the items you have pinned.  For example:  Don't pin all recipes on a board called recipes, or you will have to sort them out later when you find that you 300 recipes and you have to go through all of them to find the one you just know you pinned two weeks ago.  Recipes are definitely a hot item,  you will find that DIY Projects are too.  So, if you have a passion for cooking or recipes, you will want to have a board for chicken, fish, soups, snacks, crockpot cooking, etc.  You may want to do the same with other areas too.  On DIY you will find projects from crochet to refinishing furniture to up cycling a pallet.  Below are a couple of my Pinterest inspired projects.

Lemon Tree Sprouts
I have never been able to get a lemon seed to sprout.  Now I have ten, so far.  I tried using the same method with orange seeds.  But no luck yet.  I certainly won't have room for ten lemon trees, guess they will have to go to the "Famer's Market".  I have several containers of spouting mint that was inspired from another pin.  They are headed to the farmers market too.  Gardening is a "True Love" of mine.  I can't wait to get my bare toes in the dirt.  Yes, indeed!!  I tend not to wear garden gloves either.  I just can't get right in there with gloves on.  Needless to say my nails are always in need of a good manicure. 
Mint propagates quite easily.  You won't need to root before planting.  Just put cutting in moist rich soil, keep moist.  You will be able to tell when they take root.  They will begin to grow quite rapidly.   You can see in the picture here that I have placed a couple of pebbles on the stem.  This will cause them to take root at each segment that is touching the soil.  You will have a nice healthy plant.  Mint is a very invasive plant, you can plant it wherever you need ground cover.  Don't plant near your garden... it may take over in fresh turned dirt.  I have seen a few gardening websites that suggest that you plant the whole pot in the ground to keep it contained.  I would still keep an eye on it.  The plant that I have in my kitchen window sends suckers right out of the pot.  Yes, right up and out of the pot, searching for fresh ground to cover.  I will soon be cleaning up my Pinterest board; gardens.  Just like my board for recipes, I should have considered how many different aspects of gardening there is.  A rainy day project.
                                                         Another of my pinning passions is ways to save money.   Homemade laundry soap, homemade dish soap, homemade plant food, etc.  Earlier this spring I started using 2 Tablespoons of Epson Salt to a gallon of water when watering the houseplants.  There are buds all over.  It works!! Just look at how big the leaves are on this plant with the flowers.  I believe that they are a type of Sedum.  I have had this plant for years.  I think in twenty years I have gotten it to flower twice.  I can hardly wait to use it in the garden this summer.  I want to grow more on less ground this year.  If this is any indication of how well it works, then I'm sure to succeed.  Farmer's Market here I come.  :)

Most of the Pinterest projects that I have experimented with have been recipes.  My husband loves all the new foods that we have been trying.  I have expanded our horizons, we are eating a much healthier diet then before.  We had gotten into a routine (I should say rut) that included a lot of unhealthy snacking.  My husband isn't one to eat much fruit.  But he does love a good smoothie.  I can even sneak in some veggies and other ingredients, such as oatmeal.   There are hundreds of recipes for smoothies.  Pick a combination that you like, then try to hide something that you don't especially like inside it.  Soon you will be consuming things that you never thought that you would.  This smoothie is: 1 banana, 1 small apple, 1 cup diced mango, 2 large handfuls of spinach, 4 ounces Chobani Greek yogurt and 4 ounces of water.  Try something new every day!  And Smile!